Arriving and leaving

In the months of June, July and August, the exchange days are basically on Saturdays.

In pre- and post-season there is the possibility to come and leave on other days. For arrival days besides Saturday: the accommodation must be available on the desired start day of the holiday, until the desired end day. Interim extension is possible in the same accommodation as this is available. In all cases for assessment/decision at diAgo Holidays.

On arrival you can have the mobilhome or chalet from 16.00 and we ask you to leave at no later than 10.00. Later departure is also possible, but must be arranged in advance and will entail costs.

If it appears that there is a break or missing or technical or other defects on arrival in the mobile home, we ask you to report this directly to us and to the reception of the campsite. This also applies to the case of your accommodation not being properly or inadequately cleaned. As a result, action can be taken quickly by the technical service of the campsite.

Booking and paying

You can book by reservation form on the site, by mail, by phone or app. Upon booking, you will receive confirmation of your booking by email. This e-mail is also your proof of the lease. You will take these to the campsite and receive the key to the accommodation on arrival.

If you have opted for the payment method bank transfer, the full amount can be transferred to bank account.

If you prefer to pay the total amount in 2 instalments, this is not a problem but the following rules apply:

– 1st period is at least 50% of the total sum and must be in within 5 working days of booking

– Please also state in the references that it is a 1st time limit

– The 2nd period must be in no later than 6 weeks before the start of your holiday

– If the holiday period starts within 6 weeks of booking, it is not possible to pay in parts but the full amount must be paid at once. If this is not met, diAgo Vakanties is entitled to cancel the reservation/booking.


We advise you to take out cancellation insurance. In the event of cancellation, the rules are applied as they are to general conditions in the case of cancellation insurance. diAgo Holidays will be compensated with the insurer’s compensation to be received with each cancellation.

If you cancel until 3 months before the holiday, the cost will be 15% of the agreed rental price. If you cancel until 2 months before the start of your holiday, diAgo Holidays will receive 50% of the rental price. If you cancel from 1 month before the start of your holiday, the compensation for diAgo Holidays is 90 % of the rental price. If there is a cancellation within 2 weeks before the start of the holiday, there is no refund.

If diAgo Vacations hires an accommodation from another landlord for you, this property and period applies, the rules as set out by the owner apply. Inventory and other provisions may vary. By booking you agree to these terms and know them.

Additional costs

You can rent sheet packages and towels through us or at the reception of the campsite itself on arrival. On the beds in the mobile homes are (summer) duvets.

Cleaning and waste disposal

The cleaning costs are included in all our prices. There’s nothing to worry about anymore is our pursuit. You only pay the tourist tax and a deposit for the keys and remote control for the air conditioning at the reception on the campsite.

At all campsites you pay a deposit (ranging from € 50,00 to 150.00) for breakage, key pass for barriers and the like.

Air conditioning and electricity

The use of the air conditioning: In Viareggio and Eupilio you pay the rent equally for air conditioning use. You can take the air conditioning remote control with you upon arrival at the campsite if you have booked the air conditioning.

Electricity is precious. We ask our guests not to use unnecessary electricity. Turning on an air conditioning with open doors or windows or when you are away does not help and is expensive. An electric BBQ is not allowed. Turning on fans on the porch, so outside, only helps to move air. Not against heat and is very expensive. If you prefer to open a window at night, rather than let the air conditioning run. We’re hoping for your cooperation.


Landlord is not liable for damage to the tenants, the property of the tenants or damage otherwise. Also not for the disaplication or disaplication of technical equipment and/or the failure of facilities on the campsite during your stay.

The tenant is held liable for damages, missing persons and the consequences of poor management. We assume that you treat our accommodation as a good tenant. Pets are not allowed unless explicitly stated. Smoking is not allowed inside.

Changes reserved. No rights can be derived from errors on our site.

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