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Frequently asked questions and answers

How far is it to the beach in Viareggio?
It is about a 20 minute walk through a beautiful nature reserve to the beach in Viareggio. Or 10 minutes by car.
Can I get sandwiches in Viareggio?
Yes! Every morning there is fresh bread and delicious focacia!
What should I do if something breaks?
If something ‘big’ breaks during the stay, such as a fridge or air conditioning, then of course you call us. We then contact the campsite and can arrange for renewal or repair. Are some glasses or cups broken, would you like to supplement them yourself? Thank you in advance!
Can I bring my pet?
In Viareggio, your skinier is welcome. In Eupilio we like to keep our holiday homes pet-free.
Are there any obligations in the pool?
Almost everywhere in Italy one has to wear a swimming cap in the swimming pool. You can almost always buy these from the shops on the campsite.
Can I watch television in the holiday home?
In Tuscany, our vacation homes don’t have a TV. In Eupilio you can watch TV via the campsite dish. You will find BVN as a Dutch channel. The TVs have a DVD input. In Eupilio there are separate radios with a CD player. You can also watch TV in viareggio and Eupilio in the restaurant/bar.
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